Sunday, April 19, 2009

...and the groundhog didn't even see his shadow!

Yes, what am I talking about? The goatee stays for another 6 weeks (approximately the next time I race) because I won my age group today and came in 6th overall out of 342 starters at the Wrentham Duathlon. Full results can be found here. If you want to see my GPS, heart monitor, etc... data from the race try this link.

It wasn't my fastest time ever on the course. That was set in 2004. That said it was probably my best effort. Hell I can't even recall for sure what my 2004 time was. I'm pretty sure my first run was slower (I ran a modest 17:50 for ~3.05 miles), but I'm sure my second run was the fastest I've done on that course. My bike was up there with my best too, despite there being a bit of wind and my having limited road time this year. I do recall that in 2004 I had raced already that spring and was really a fast runner. I was training for speed, not endurance. 8 weeks later I would tear up my right ankle on a training run. It has never been the same. The fact that I'm getting my speed back to those levels despite now being 43 is quite encouraging. And, I'm not even training for speed. I do know that my endurance is far far beyond those days. I can carry a respectable pace for a long time now. In fact I was talking with race winner and teammate Tim Tapply, and we both commented on that fact that we probably couldn't have gone much faster than we were going on the second runs, but we could have held onto that pace for quite a a distance more. This is thanks to the "QT2 training protocol." Yes it is nice to know that at the end of a race people will be coming back to you.

So I'm pleased with my effort. My transitions were clean if not awe inspiring, and my race was steady if not flashy. That's the idea. I didn't crush any one piece of the race. I just steadily and consistently moved through the field. Feels good.

Next stop on the Lake Placid train, the Mooseman 1/2 Iron.