Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahh, the wait is over

Multisport season opens tomorrow. My training year started December 29, 2008. On April 19, 2009 I will line up for the first time to run/bike/run. I know I have pretty good fitness, but the goal doesn't really have to do with placing. I'm going out there focused on the following:
1) Have a clean race. Well executed pacing and solid transitions.
2) Focus on calming the nerves by ignoring the rest of the field.

If I take care of 1) and 2) the results will take care of themselves.

The race is the Wrentham Duathlon, a race I've done probably 5 times before so I have lots of comparison data. I'll be wearing my Garmin the whole time so we'll get some good numbers for verifying where my fitness lies right now. Nothing like a race to get the core systems stimulated. I haven't done a multisport race of any sort since Lake Placid next year, so I'll be a little conservative in transition and in the first few minutes of each leg while my body adjusts.

Today I have just the basic prerace things to take care of, like get the spider webs off my race wheels (hope I don't have any flats), clean the drivechain of the bike, find my aero helmet, and yes...shave the legs. 8 months of growth about to go. I still have the facial hair, pending my results tomorrow, but the leg hair will soon be gone for the balance of the season.

The other thing I'm looking for coming out of tomorrow will be a boosting of my confidence building up to Lake Placid. If I put in a solid race, sub 1-hr, after all the illness (mine and the family's), family drama, work drama, etc... I'll start to believe that I really can do it at Lake Placid; that I really can challenge 10 hrs and thus secure a Kona spot. To be honest to this point I've really wondered if I could even go under 10 1/2 again. At times I'm not sure how I did it.

This Thursday I had my first glimpse of my true form this year. I did my usual bike loop and a short run and was fast. Actually I felt really slow, but my times were comparable to last June/July. And I wasn't really trying to go hard. My climbing is still developing, and yet overall I still maintained good pace. So now I'm excited for tomorrow. I'll update you tomorrow.