Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuam libera mentem

On the surface, I should be really tired this week; week 2 of the build phase, 10k race and a lot of minutes of biking Sunday, bike/run (recovery zone, but still quite a few minutes), and oh yeah I'm still a Dad and have a full time job. However, I'm actually doing pretty well. My secret? One day last week I decided it was time to stop trying to appease my manager and by extension his boss and instead just do what I do best confident that the results will be more beneficial than any amount of playing ball. This decision was the topic of by post "Finding my center."

I had a pretty good race Sunday. At a cognitive level I wasn't positive how happy I was being slower than I was last year. But since that time things have been improving mentally and physically, including a very surprising and enjoyable swim today. Sure it wasn't a nasty hard effort, but there was something about it. I was moving well. I didn't slow down for the workout and I didn't feel gassed afterward. I wasn't fighting anything, literally and metaphorically.