Sunday, March 15, 2009

More training

So I might have to rethink that "my running is behind last year" statement. Depends on how you measure it. Yesterday I surprised myself during a roughly 7 mile run by averaging 6:57 per mile at an average HR of only 132 BPM. I know that is far better than this time last year. I recall being stuck ~7:10-7:15 per mile at 132BPM. (view run here)

This week concludes the base phase of training. I'm looking forward to the reduced load this week as well, because frankly I'm kinda beat. Today especially is reminding me what my secret weapon for building durability was last year. After an early morning bike ride, it's right into being daddy and taking the kids for the day; no naps. And I moved a pile of firewood across our muddy yard. Forcing myself to keep going and do everything I need to do, despite being tired, is precisely the skill that will carry me through Lake Placid again this year.

But boy a nap sounds great!