Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hoping for some good Jujube

After a tough winter of sickness and other stresses, I've decided no matter what it's time to try and get the positive energy flowing again. On Saturday we were packed up and ready to roll down to CT. Well, as I went out to the car Leanna informed me there was a cyclist in distress in our driveway. Now the kids were already in their seats and the engine was running, but here was this person (her name was Lynn) with a broken chain. She pulled into our driveway looking for help when she saw my bike on top of the car. So yes I turned around and got some tools. The broken link was pretty mangled so I decided to remove the whole link and just shorten the chain. You'd think the fact that the chain just broke would be an indication that the removal would be easy. Well long story short, two chain tools, some really greasy hands and 20 minutes later the chain was fixed (I was aggravated because this should have been a 5 minute fix...I'm out of practice). Props to my family for not freaking out because it took so long.

(Lynn dropped off a new chain tool today as a thank you!)