Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding my center

Something about the start of spring. Maybe my birthday has something to do with it. I'm now 43. I had a rough week, training and at work, until sometime last night. Now believe me, I know it was in no small part self-inflicted, but not all was. Work has been challenging and at times very demoralizing. And when you are in the tailspin it can be hard to pull out. But I feel as if I'm pulling out after all. It's a matter of refocusing on my real strength. I'm a system builder. I can see innovation. But I need to get my hands dirty. So rather than even pretend to do "that management sh-t" my misguided manager wants me to do, today I returned to my sweet spot and got my hands dirty. And the great thing about bringing the positive energy, I seemed to infect those around me. I'm not sure I've ever encountered much more interest in innovation at Brown as I did today. Nothing earth shattering taken in a vacuum, but the type of mojo that if allowed to grow could be revolutionary, at least for higher ed, well at least for Brown.

So now I'm back on an upward path, and to celebrate I'm in the cellar staring at the wall for the next two hours! No guarantees for Sunday, but I am cautiously optimistic.