Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chafee 10k today: Pre-race

Okay I'm up and beginning my pre-race ritual. Dylan's awake too, but I'm leaving him in his room for a bit while I have my quiet time. I need to focus. I'm big on visualization and planning. Tim's instructions and indeed my personal directive, is to run a steady disciplined race today. Pacing is my biggest asset in the long events, and I was horrid at it last week. My whole race is about not slowing down as much as the other guys. So today I'm to take it out fairly conservatively; 5:52 per mile. That's 15s per mile slower than last week's repeats. From there I settle into 5:57ish pacing. There is an uphill mile in the woods on this course so I expect to lose about 10-15s per mile on that segment, but it is followed by a nice downhill segment where I can look to get some of that back. Once I hit mile 5, which is just before the turn onto the East Bay bike path, the restricter plate is removed and I try some of that track speed for the last mile. It's a hard mile because it is dead straight and so seems to take forever. It also has just a hint of rollers at the end; reminiscent of long rollers coming up the bay from the Atlantic. Fitting because the course is right along the water.

My other goal is to see my heart rate hit the proper zones. I'd like to be 162ish for the most part, with it spiking on the wooded hill, and driving up 168 or higher for the last 1/2 to 1/4 mile. That would be reassuring.

Well time to get Dylan and get fed. I'll update after the race.

PS: It's a gentle steady rain right now.