Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chafee 10k report and results

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Well on the surface we can pretty safely say that I'm slower on the run than at this time last year. Today I was 18 sec slower at the Chafee 10k than last year (38:03 this yr vs 37:45 last). Here are the details:

It was rainy, and cool but not too cold. There was LOTS of standing water on the course leading to quite a bit of lateral movement during the run to keep the shoes from getting too sogged out too early. As you might recall, this course also features a true XC section between miles 2.4 and 3.4. This section had okay footing considering the weather, but had lots of roots, mud and puddles. In order to stay upright you had to slow way down on the corners. For my personal purposes I'm treating this section separately from the paved sections. So here's how it breaks down:

Mile 1: 5:57, Avg HR 155. Weird mile for me because the weather kept the really fast guys away. As a result I found myself leading. This is an unusual spot for me and had me wondering about my pacing, despite the fact that it was fine.

Mile 2: 6:08, Avg HR 158. One guy pulled even with me and we ran away from the rest of the group. This was the worst stretch for standing water, and that likely contributed to the slow lap time.

Mile 2.4: 2:23 (5:57/mile avg), Avg HR 159. Slight downhill. I didn't press though because I knew what was coming. The other guy began to inch away from me.

Mile 2.4 - Mile 3.4: 6:43, Avg HR 162, max 164. This was the run through the woods. Big hill to climb on the 1st 1/2. Rolled the whole way. Dropped about 10 more sec to the leader, but overall was not displeased with the effort. It was not an easy section. Kept a little in the tank so I could get going again once we were clear.

Mile 3.4 - Mile 5: 9:41(6:03/mile avg), Avg HR 162. Just trying to get the turnover again after the XC section. Up and down to mile 4 and then it started to flatten out. I took a run at the leader between miles 4 and 5, but he had too much distance.

Mile 5 - Mile 6.2: 7:11 (5:59/mile avg), Avg HR 163, max 166. 1st mile in reverse.

So it was consistent and my HR was closer to where we want to see it for 10Ks. I actually finally started feeling smooth during the final mile. I probably left a little time out on the course, but I was happy with the effort. Because of the weather influenced turn out, I ended up 2nd overall and won men 40-49. Net gain of $40 on the day, so I'll take it! My physical state, due to stress and sleep issues is still a little subpar, but it is improving. My resting pulse has been somewhat elevated for the last week. It's maybe about 6-8 beats high right now. I feel like I'm beginning to head in the right direction again though, so next stop Wrentham.

(Special props to my Leanna, Alexandra, and Dylan for being probably the ONLY spectators at the course today. It made me smile...A LOT! But how the hell did I get an Olivia Newton John song stuck in my head?)