Sunday, February 15, 2009

Must be February

On a plateau, getting sick, and really getting mentally fatigued being inside. Same thing happens about this time every year, and given how long I've been a competitor of some sort that's a whole lot of years, a whole lot of winters. I always come through; I know that. The quote in the header of this blog was selected precisely because of it's applicability to this time period. I'll get well and I'll be good. In fact I'm mostly well now which is why I'm back up on the trainer and writing this posting.
Each year the challenge is to find that "thing" that will not just carry me through, but define my year. Last year was defined by Feb. phone call to my friend Jesse, the mastermind behind QT2 Systems. After a conversation I decided it was the year to give my training over to someone else. Jesse suggested Tim would be the best fit as coach. I secretly think Jesse was concerned I'd be a bit high maintenance and didn't want to be stuck with me himself! In his defense, he was right. I'm a bit high maintenance as an athlete; comes with being in my 40s. I'm fairly opinionated. Anyway I digress. So the theme for last year was how much could I improve by allowing someone else to guide my training. Well the answer is already in this blog.

So now I need to define this year; a year which has already been challenging. Inside I've kind of known the answer all along; time to step up. I'm self-aware enough to realize I've got some skills, both professionally and athletically. I'm not getting any younger, so it's time to show people what I've really got, both professionally and athletically.

Now if I can just make it through these last 5 weeks of base training without going crazy!