Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yeah this is the feeling...

...that I've come to know. The normal pattern when training is resumed is that my first workout will feel the best, and for the next couple of weeks it's all downhill due to fatigue. Then comes some rest and the first set of physiological adaptations. By week 4 I'm starting to move again. Well thanks to the Garmin I can see this experience in action. Over the first 3 runs, avg. pace has gotten slower while avg. HR has gone up. This means I'm working harder and still going slower. However I still feel okay so it's just nature running its course.

My first test is a 5k run in about 4 weeks. That will show me how things are shaping up. Until then time to just turn off the brain and enjoy the miles.

(This post written on my trainer in the cellar!)