Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebook: facinating or frightening?

Okay, being middle aged I'm not a big Facebook person, but I do have an account now and a few friends. Mostly I share pictures and stuff with family members. I know I have other friends on Facebook (Austin) and know many more people, but I hesitate to make them my friends. It's not because I don't want to be their friend (I talk to Austin a few times a week), it's actually that some of their friends I'm not sure I want to risk contacting again. If you've read my post about my 25th high school reunion, you can probably guess I'm not a big fan of everyone with which I went to HS. Well, because I am good at snooping, I've determined that even my restricted group of friends is 3 degrees of separation from 1/2 of my HS class. I mean damn...I'm cowering under the dining room table shaking and fearful that the guy with the chainsaw is about to come busting through the door!