Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday's the day...

My journey to Lake Placid 2009 begins this Tuesday. As a coincidence Tuesday is also Tim's birthday. I guess my present to him is trying not to be too difficult! Anyway I'm mentally ready to get going. My weight will start at 160 even. I have no idea what my 20 minute avg power on the bike is or my current 5k (probably ~18 min), but I do know this: I'm going to be a sore pup for the next couple of weeks because this year I begin a lifting program as well as regular training. I'm not running Boston in April so really the only focus is Lake Placid. While some of my plans always seem to be way off base, I am hoping for the following:

Race day weight ~150 lbs
IM marathon time of 3:15
IM Bike time of < 5:30
Be much stronger than I have been in years

If I'm healthy and hit that weight and stay with the plan, both in training and in racing, the results should take care of themselves.