Sunday, December 14, 2008

Training week

Not a lot of activity, but some decent quality. A couple of runs on the indoor track. Not too long (4+ miles or so). The first had 2 x 1 mile pretty hard, but not all out. My miles were 5:48 and 5:42. The second had 400m repeats, hard. I would run 1/2 mile easy, then the 400 hard, and then the final quarter easy, then right into the next set (no stopping). I did this 3 times. My 400s were 1:10, 1:06, and 1:06. They kind of hurt.
Yesterday was 45 minute on the trainer. I use that time to catch up on missed episodes of TV shows I watch by streaming them to my laptop. Yesterday I watched the Thanksgiving week episode of "Chuck". I got out of the saddle and pushed a big gear every commercial break (30 sec).
Today I warmed up with 25 minutes on the trainer watching this week's "30 Rock". Then it was my 8.5 mile loop out around Sachuest point. 54:44 was the run time. I'm pleased with that.

So all in all a decent week. Also this last week I learned that Brown is extending out X-mas break to save electricity and heat. I'm off from Dec. 19th to Jan. 5th. Only in higher ed... Time to jump start the training!