Thursday, December 11, 2008

A blog in review

I take time every now and then to go back through my blog. I like to remember where I was as opposed to where I am now. Sometimes it's entertaining, e.g. bemoaning my loss of 5k type running speed due to my advancing years in 2007. Sometimes it's sobering, e.g. the losses of Bentley and Otis. And then there are those posts which never went public; the posts saved as draft. I mention this because at one point I was venting about doctors who so quickly prescribe drugs, and then when there are issues related to the drugs make it sound like you are the problem not the drug. Hey, tobacco pharmaceutical companies don't lie, right?
Anyway 2007 was the year of asthma for Alexandra. She had breathing issues and bronchitis from April until November. All tolled, we probably had more than a dozen prescriptions filled. One of the early drugs in her maintenance protocol was Singulair. We gave Alexandra maybe one or two doses before we realized this stuff was nuts. It made her insane. She was uncontrollable. She was impervious to pain. It was one of the most frightening experiences I can recall. We called our pediatrician, and he told us it was something we were doing and not the drugs. I was pissed. We were not imagining this. We stopped the drug for good and dumped the doctor for a time (long story).
Flash forward to today. I was listening to NPR and was clued in to the FDA review of asthma drugs. And I came across this on the FDA site. I'm pissed all over again.