Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm sure the neighbors think we're nuts...

...but it was fun!

Running in the snow

It wasn't on the plan, but I couldn't resist. For some reason I love trail running in a snow storm. No, it wasn't the blizzard conditions that would hit us a little later. It was just a windy and white little jaunt. See it here. I put in one fast mile. Cool Feature: When you pull up the activity from the link, click on the "Player" tab in the upper right. Switch the view to "Satellite" and zoom in. Now hit the play button.

Here's a news flash also: I'm not that fit yet! I've got a ways to go to match what I was doing last year, but then again it is only Dec. 31.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If I could go drinking with one person... would be Cesar Millan. I would just love to find out what he really thinks about some of the owners who appear on his show.

Husband: "I was never an animal person, but you know, in a marriage you have to make compromises."

Cesar: "I appreciate your honesty. Can you tell me, do your balls also sit in a jar on the night stand?"

The training has begun.

Day 1: An hour on the bike and 30 minutes running. The bike was a trainer ride in the cellar (insane wind today). The run was one of my typical routes. Here's the link. My GPS had some issues picking up the satellite (or maybe I just did it wrong!), so the first 3 minutes of the run are missing from the stats. If you look at the map it's pretty obvious.

Sunday in the foggy fog...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday's the day...

My journey to Lake Placid 2009 begins this Tuesday. As a coincidence Tuesday is also Tim's birthday. I guess my present to him is trying not to be too difficult! Anyway I'm mentally ready to get going. My weight will start at 160 even. I have no idea what my 20 minute avg power on the bike is or my current 5k (probably ~18 min), but I do know this: I'm going to be a sore pup for the next couple of weeks because this year I begin a lifting program as well as regular training. I'm not running Boston in April so really the only focus is Lake Placid. While some of my plans always seem to be way off base, I am hoping for the following:

Race day weight ~150 lbs
IM marathon time of 3:15
IM Bike time of < 5:30
Be much stronger than I have been in years

If I'm healthy and hit that weight and stay with the plan, both in training and in racing, the results should take care of themselves.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Used to be all you needed to go running were shoes.

I've finally moved to the next level of training with the help of Mrs. Claus; GPS enabled training courtesy my new Garmin Forerunner 305 training watch. It's going to take this blog to a whole new level as I can now share with you my full training experience. Follow the links in my training log entries to see the actual run, my pace at any point, my heart rate at any point, and much more... It should be pretty cool.

The maiden voyage can be seen here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I wanna damn cracker!

No Dylan, that's Graham cracker... GRAHAM cracker.

At what age do they learn to enunciate? :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Twas the week before Christmas...

...and oh what a mess.
The kids and the spouses just flippin' with stress.
The snot was all running right out of their noses,
and Dylan's latest present really wasn't some roses!

I haven't trained since Tuesday, so I'm getting a little nutty as well. I did shovel a lot of snow yesterday, and a lot of slush today, so that counts for something. I need to just get rid of this cold so I can start getting serious again. It's actually stressing me out hearing about teammates putting in 4 hr rides right now. Yeah that's not what works best for me this time of year, but it does stress me out nonetheless. I feel like I'm being left behind again. It all rolls up into one of my biggest stressors: the realization that I actually am pretty talented, and if I just put the time in I'd be really fast. I did a 10:22 Ironman on what is widely regarded as an absurdly light training schedule. If I just put in a bit more time...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Training update

4 miles w/1 mile hard, but not all out, for the 2nd mile. 5:25. I'll take that. I also did some lifting. Was a little pissed by the lady who camped out on the leg press machine, including making a cell phone call during her "set".

I've got other things, work related, on my mind too. However, I think I might pass on publishing them at this time.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Training week

Not a lot of activity, but some decent quality. A couple of runs on the indoor track. Not too long (4+ miles or so). The first had 2 x 1 mile pretty hard, but not all out. My miles were 5:48 and 5:42. The second had 400m repeats, hard. I would run 1/2 mile easy, then the 400 hard, and then the final quarter easy, then right into the next set (no stopping). I did this 3 times. My 400s were 1:10, 1:06, and 1:06. They kind of hurt.
Yesterday was 45 minute on the trainer. I use that time to catch up on missed episodes of TV shows I watch by streaming them to my laptop. Yesterday I watched the Thanksgiving week episode of "Chuck". I got out of the saddle and pushed a big gear every commercial break (30 sec).
Today I warmed up with 25 minutes on the trainer watching this week's "30 Rock". Then it was my 8.5 mile loop out around Sachuest point. 54:44 was the run time. I'm pleased with that.

So all in all a decent week. Also this last week I learned that Brown is extending out X-mas break to save electricity and heat. I'm off from Dec. 19th to Jan. 5th. Only in higher ed... Time to jump start the training!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A blog in review

I take time every now and then to go back through my blog. I like to remember where I was as opposed to where I am now. Sometimes it's entertaining, e.g. bemoaning my loss of 5k type running speed due to my advancing years in 2007. Sometimes it's sobering, e.g. the losses of Bentley and Otis. And then there are those posts which never went public; the posts saved as draft. I mention this because at one point I was venting about doctors who so quickly prescribe drugs, and then when there are issues related to the drugs make it sound like you are the problem not the drug. Hey, tobacco pharmaceutical companies don't lie, right?
Anyway 2007 was the year of asthma for Alexandra. She had breathing issues and bronchitis from April until November. All tolled, we probably had more than a dozen prescriptions filled. One of the early drugs in her maintenance protocol was Singulair. We gave Alexandra maybe one or two doses before we realized this stuff was nuts. It made her insane. She was uncontrollable. She was impervious to pain. It was one of the most frightening experiences I can recall. We called our pediatrician, and he told us it was something we were doing and not the drugs. I was pissed. We were not imagining this. We stopped the drug for good and dumped the doctor for a time (long story).
Flash forward to today. I was listening to NPR and was clued in to the FDA review of asthma drugs. And I came across this on the FDA site. I'm pissed all over again.