Monday, November 17, 2008

No, I did not step in dog poop!

I had a pretty good run today. About 6 miles at lunch. It was clear and cool. I had my racing flats on which always seems to help when I've been suffering from slow legs. They weigh nothing. There was another guy out running today. He was 50 or so yards ahead of me when I started my run. I caught up and then passed him. He was a guy and a runner wearing a race t-shirt. That meant one thing: he was going to try and go with me as I passed. He tried.

I got back to work and noticed an aroma coming from my running shoes. Then I remembered running under a patch of ginkgo. Ever since I was a boy I remember the scent of the fruit of the ginkgo. We called them stink-o trees. I check my shoes every time...