Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good to be back home

I really like going to Pittsburgh to see my family each year, but the drive is rough. That said it went as well as it could this year, minus a 60 minute meltdown by both kids just before getting to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Ct. Of course I'm all wired up from the last leg of the drive, so I won't be getting to sleep for a little while here.

We stayed an extra day this year and it helped relieved the pressure related to seeing the whole family. We were less rushed so we enjoyed our time more. The kids got to play more too (as opposed to just riding in the car for the week). Alexandra likes air hockey! I also got 12.5 miles of running in. That still doesn't make up for the calories ingested, but hopefully my body doesn't go too much into shock tomorrow when I hit the bike for an hour or so.

A special thanks goes to my lovely wife and my sister-in-law for once again cranking out a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Alexandra and Dylan with their cousins

Oh yes, this rain sucks...