Sunday, November 16, 2008

The diet starts tomorrow

Okay, I'm officially disgusted with myself. Tomorrow it's time to stop the bleeding and start reestablishing my place as a machine! Seriously I hate feeling like crap, bloated, irregular, sluggish... I know what feeling good feels like and this just ain't it. The first step is to get the workouts on regular intervals, every other day for the most part, and make sure I'm away from my desk at least going for a walk every day. Also the beer and wine quantities need to drop. I'm not a really big drinker, but it's time to make it just a couple times a week activity. Breakfast everyday, no exceptions. This is huge for regulating my sugar and energy levels throughout the day.

Think of this as my off season conditioning program beginning. I need to bring it up enough so I can start with Tim in mid-December. I think I'll start logging all my workouts like I used to because it'll keep me more honest. Speaking of which, I did have a really excellent run last Thursday. It was 7.75 miles at lunch. I was moving well and felt good. There was another runner out who was moving well also. Even though we didn't run together it was motivating. Fast people make me run fast. It's that ego thing.

I ran 4.25 yesterday and it wasn't so good.