Friday, August 08, 2008

My Diet

If you've been reading this blog you've seen reference to my weight. It's not just the long training hours that have brought it down (I'm 154 now). I'm pretty sure my dietary choices are helping.

I did not set out to lose weight. Rather I started out wanted to know that my kids were eating well, and that they were eating the same things we were eating, not "special meals" because they wanted to be picky. Knock on wood, it is working.

Here are the basics:
Breakfast every morning. A good breakfast with ample protein. Try to get in 500 calories. Eggs, maybe waffles (jam not syrup on them), yogurt w/ground flaxseed added, fruit. A bagel w/cream cheese once or twice a week.
Snack at mid-morning. Apple and Banana or yogurt.
Lunch based on left-overs from previous night's dinner. When I was deep in training I would also have a salad (mixed greens or baby spinach) with nuts, dried cranberries, and a raspberry dressing.
Snack mid-afternoon, usually a yogurt if I didn't eat it earlier.
One helping at dinner. We use 9" plates (it really does make a difference). Typically lean meat or fish or something based on whole wheat pasta.

I've been keeping bread and milk consumption down pretty low. No sugar in my coffee (try using honey, it's really good). No cream. No artificial sweeteners either. They're killers...literally. I also don't snack on sports drinks. They are used exclusively just before, during, and just after workouts.

Oh yes, and beer (or wine, one or two reasonable glasses), natural tortilla chips or Ben and Jerry's Karmel Sutra (v. small scoop maybe once or twice a week) after the kids go to sleep!

I think it's a matter of what I'm not eating, not what I am eating because clearly I still have some vices in there, especially after dinner. I think the timing/frequency is also important. My body knows that there is always more food coming so it doesn't go into survival mode and try to store every calorie I eat, as would happen on some sort of deprivation diet.