Friday, August 22, 2008

General Update

Things are settling back to normal after a turbulent couple of weeks. We had a death in the family which threw a wrench into the routines for a bit.

Dylan is now 2 years old. His actual birthday was the 18th, but we're having his parties (one for RI friends and one for family in CT) this weekend. And speaking of Dylan, he's now been with us longer than he's been without us. As you'll recall we got him the day before his first birthday last year. We're now just 3 days shy of the anniversary of "wheels down" at Logan airport, the day we celebrate as "gotch ya day". For Alexandra that day is October 9.

Alexandra has completed her time at Club Sprouts, a pre-school like program which has served as valuable bridge for her. Coincidentally the center itself looks to be closing. You see, I told Leanna with what they charge clearly we were the ones keeping it in business!! :-) Next it is on the formal pre-school. I'm hopeful this will work out. Education in the United States in general I have serious doubts about, but I think we're okay for the next year or so.

I'm starting a part-time job next week (and training and working my full-time job and most of all being a daddy), and yes I have no clue how I'll manage. The big loser will be my sleep and thus my short-term memory function (it has been noticably compromised at times. A little alarming but I'm fairly confident it is not a long term thing). However facts are facts; I'm looking to go to Hawaii next year and I just don't make enough working in higher ed to pay for that trip. Not a big deal, I enjoy the type of work I'll be doing (actually more than I enjoy my current job), and it pays really well so I don't need to put in too many hours. No Pat, I'm not going to be a male prostitute.

Well time to shower and start another day.

Thank you for stopping by,


PS: Emily, if you want to slide me a pair of tickets to the big island, or maybe just a voucher for bike transport, I won't complain. I'd gladly take the NASCAR approach to training and racing for the next year throwing names and logos on every item of clothing I've got.