Sunday, June 22, 2008

Observing humanity

I did my longest workout of the year so far, longer even than the race I did earlier in the month. It was mostly a bike ride with 40 minutes of running tacked onto the end. Don't tell Tim, but I cheated a little. Instead of the 3hr 40min he had prescribed, I went out for 5 hrs. I ride on a loop around the area of my house and it takes a little less than an hour to complete one loop. It proved to be very interesting tracing and retracing the same path and watching how the activities of the day unfolded at a given location. e.g. On the first loop near the end of the second beach road I spied a deer. This was not unexpected. Since I start at 5:00am, the first loop is typically the "critter" loop. All of the animals who cohabitate with us as going about their business as the majority of the humans are still in bed. By the third loop the deer had moved on, though some of his brethren could still be seen about. Instead her presence had been replaced by that of a "human". I use the term lightly. Big tub of goo smoking a cigarette and pissing on the side of the road is the more accurate description. And finally on lap five there was the middle aged couple walking their big German Shepherd, I'll call him "Sparky". Well Sparky picked up a sent and was pulling his "master" (Caesar would not have approved) toward it. Ahh nature in action...the German Shepherd driven by instinct to follow the scent of the the scent of the piss from the fat tub of goo. Excuse me sir, you might not want him to get too into that. Yeah...not so good.
Following the ride it was back to real life: screaming cranky children. I finished up the run, grabbed some food, and me them down at the beach before Leanna could file the divorce papers. All this got me to thinking: If the planets align and I get a spot for Ironman Hawaii, they're all coming with me, and so are my in-laws and anyone else who can make it. This is one of those "life list" items. So what if I don't have the money for this, if I pull it off I'm not sure I'll ever even want to do this again. I mean there are better things to do Sunday morning than watch a big hungover fat guy piss on the road.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The disappearing daddy

Tim's been work'n me hard, but has concerns about my lack of volume. Okay 14 hr training weeks are small to him, but they're huge to the rest of us! This has resulted in what one of our friends described as "the incredible disappearing daddy." Yes I've dropped weight. No I was not big before, but I'm 14 lbs lighter than this winter and the lightest I've been in 15 years. However I'm still feeling pretty good and my performance numbers are on track for a good race in Lake Placid. The following is a picture from a race in Bristol N.H. 10 days ago run in 98 degree heat. That was no fun, but I still managed an age group podium spot. Yes I do know how to put a hat on! There's a cold water soaked sponge under it to help keep my brain cool.

Sunday, June 01, 2008