Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yeah I'm blogging less, but...

...I'm just so friggin' busy. Training is going well. Work is challenging. Kids are fun and challenging. e.g. From Sunday to Sunday last week (8 days) I ran 60 miles, and biked ~3 hours in 3 different states. I ran Colt State park in RI 10 days ago and Central Park in NYC 2 days ago. We took a train back to Connecticut to pick up the kids and I ran another hour then drove home. (Mommy and Daddy were on a "get-away" weekend.)
I'm transitioning to my new boss at work, but still have items to do (mainly personnel reviews) for my old boss. I've had to throw out most of my plans and start over.
The kids are kids. They are great but Dylan has monster meltdowns now (he's almost 20 months) and Alexandra had an asthma attack this last week. Not a severe one, but she's back on one of her inhalers. It looks like allergies might be a trigger because her latest bout of coughing started as the trees began to bud. It all started spring of last year as well.
Sleep would be nice but it might have to wait. I do manage 6 hours or so a night, but I really could use one or two more consistently. Nonetheless I actually feel pretty good, just a little "off balance" if you know what I mean. There is no hyper defined routine right now. I'm, pardon the cliche, just livin' one day at a time. While challenging at times, I am still keeping that positive mental energy as best I can. The fact that I am running so well helps. While it is the least important of the items I am doing, it is the one which shows the most definitive results when I work at it, and gives me hope that the other situations will indeed improve in the same manner.

Anyway I'm only 13 days from Boston now and it's time to start thinking about goals. I'm not really sure how fast I'll run, but thanks to Tim and his help a PR is pretty much a guarantee as long as I take care of the "race management" things (pacing, eating, etc...). Physically I'm ready to run a best by A LOT.