Sunday, March 09, 2008

Week 10:Time and Zones

It's all about time exercising and time spent in specific "heart zones". 230 minutes of running and 140 minutes of cycling this week. Nothing too intense with the exception of some 1 mile repeats while running and 5 minutes grinding a big gear on my bike. For my long run today I ran almost the full cliff walk. We had a gale last night so today the sky was perfectly clear, the seas huge and white with foam, and the breeze was stiff. A great day to run on the cliff walk. Mansions to the right, and ocean to the left. Turn at the Japanese tea house.

A guess-timate of the mileage running would be ~30. This was an abbreviated week because we just returned from vacation.

I've promised myself that I would not second guess the plan Tim of qt2systems devised, and so far I have not. Frankly I know and trust Tim and the plan is pretty consistent with the way I like to do things, so I don't think this will be an issue. One week in I think it's going well, though I need more workout clothes. Tim has me a bit more active than I have been in the past. I've worked out 7 times since Wednesday, but notably I'm not more tired than usual.

230 minutes running/230 MTD (month to date)
140 cycling/140 MTD

4 runs this week
Total: 30
Ytd: 245.05