Friday, February 08, 2008

What am I thinking?!

I encouraged Leanna to go away for the weekend so she could get some much needed time off. This will be my first time solo with both of them!

And this is my "rest" weekend. Yikes!

I'm a little more than 1/2 way through. Came close to losing it at one point, but held on. They do miss their mommy so they get a little more slack with certain things. In general they've been really good. If they weren't could daddy have survived taking them both to dinner (at a real restaurant) by himself?

**Update 2**
It's Sunday afternoon and I'm in the home stretch. Dylan's napping and Alexandra and I are watching Cinderella. Mommy is on the train home. This morning the weather was very nice so the 3 of us went out to Sachuest Point; just relaxing, bird watching (saw a really cool raptor of some sort), walking, playing with sticks, etc... A little cool and breezy, but we were all happy to be outside. In fact the only time they got naughty was when cabin fever would set in. As soon as we were all outside, everything was fine. After our trip to Sachuest, we went to Starbucks for shortbread cookies and for Alexandra, a vanilla milk. Believe it or not, the milk had 3x the sugar of the cookies. Not a very strong endorsement for New Horizon Organic Milk.

I'm glad I had the kids for the weekend. It helped with my confidence (and theirs I think!) to see that daddy could handle things. They missed mommy, a fact they expressed frequently, but they still went about the business of being kids rather than wallowing in despair. Sure Alexandra got a little upset in the middle of the night last night, but we both made it through (though I didn't sleep too much after that) and she's in pretty good spirits now.