Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week 8

Maybe it was the cold (20 degrees and breezy when I started). Maybe it was the questionable footing because of the snow and ice. Maybe it was taking Alexandra skiing for the first time on my "rest" day (more on that in the next post). Maybe it was as simple as running 6 times in 8 days for ~60 miles. Whatever the reason, I just couldn't get it going today. Generally the week's running was good, and I can feel my conditioning improving, but the speed hasn't shown up yet. No worries though. In 2006 I was only running 2:10 on the Ocean Drive the first week of March and we know how that one ended. Today was 2:08:18, a slight improvement over the last time, but far off the 2:02 I'd like to be running. The time isn't that important, however. This was an overload week and it was all about volume. My 41.5 miles in the last 6 days puts me over the 200 mile point on the year.

This week will be an easy one as I try and adapt to the load from the last two weeks. Then everything starts anew as for the first time I will begin on a training plan designed for me by someone else. More on that later.

5 runs this week: 7.5,4.25,7.5,4.25,18
Total: 41.5
Ytd: 205.05