Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week 7

I had planned for this to be my first 40+ mile week, but Friday's run had to be canceled because I was interviewing a candidate for my open position at work. This wasn't that big a deal because Friday was slated to be a "filler" run anyway. The key run of the week was today: 17.5 miles at Sachuest Point. This week also marked my reintroduction to "plyometrics." Specifically I did 3 sets of "jumpies" (standing two legged hops in place). The sets were 1 minute on with 1 minute of rest between sets. I did about 50 jumps per minute. These really burn the quads and are intended to get them ready for the punishing downhills in the first 1/2 of the Boston marathon. Well let me tell you they really hurt. Back when I was a rower, I was the jumpie king. I could easily do 2 minute sets. That was many years ago. These 1 minute sets hurt me for days. I fact I didn't really feel pain and stiffness free until yesterday, and I did these on Monday.
I also did a bit on running on the indoor track this last week. I'm pretty sure it's helping me, but frankly I haven't really tested myself yet. Actually I'm specifically avoiding testing myself because I'm sure I'm improving well, and don't want to overcook it too early.
As for today, the trails were wet and soft. It was A LOT of work running that kind of distance in those conditions. Despite the lack of hills on the point, it was easily harder than running the Ocean Drive. I also have my first "sweat rate" numbers of the year. I was 160 pre-run and 157 post-run with 55 ounces of fluid added. I'll do the math for you a little later.

Here are the numbers:

4 runs this week: 4.5,7.5,4.25,17.5
Total: 33.75
Ytd: 163.55