Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain...

I was driving home in a little bit of a daze. It was a long week, but a good week. I'm getting both kids up and giving them breakfast everyday now. It works out well because I'm the morning person anyway, and it gives me some needed quality time with them. Alexandra has also been in a much improved mood since we took her off the last of the asthma meds. Fingers crossed there... Anyway, combine that with work and training, and as rewarding as it all is, I'm pretty beat by Friday. So I'm driving home and turn the radio to WBOS 92.9, Boston. "BONG!... BONG!... BONG!... (a guitar starts)

"I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane..."

It was March, 1992 when that song left an indelible mark on my memory. We were driving a big pickup pulling a trailer full of rowing shells from Pittsburgh to Tampa. We lost a wheel off the trailer in West Virginia. We got it replaced because, well, we were in West Virginia where even the day cares can fix cars. Then we'd (I'd) gotten a little lost in South Carolina, somewhere in the heart of NASCAR country. We had to make a run for it (okay maybe we didn't have to, but it seemed the prudent thing to do) when a car load of "locals" seemed to take an interest in our trailer load of carbon rowing shells (it was something like 2:00am). So by the time the sun came up again, about 20 hours into the drive (no it should not have taken that long), we were pretty spent. I vaguely remember crossing over the Georgia/Florida border. There were 3 of us taking turns driving and by this point none of us could keep our eyes open. And then the bells started ringing. Dazed and in our own little worlds, we each started rocking our heads forward. It wasn't long before we were up and screaming "You got me ringing HELLS BELLS!"

Next stop Waffle House!