Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Keeping the PMA

That would be the Positive Mental Attitude. I'm being reminded firsthand that the worse things get the more positive you need to be. Don't get me wrong, things are not bad for me right now. However, following a healthy portion of "perspective", I can see despite another sleepless night at the beck and call of my sick daughter, life is good. The fact that she is being gabby and bossy is a clear indication she's feeling better.

As for the credit card bill... Well, it's just motivation to get my tax return done very early this year. "Come on finalized adoption deduction and 2nd child credit!"

I missed my run yesterday due to an unexpected service to my car. Part of me feels it's karmic payback for the excesses displayed by the purchase of our new TV and HD package, but hell I'm not apologizing! In 15 years I've never spent a work bonus check on myself for something like that. Just once I need to be "irresponsible." If we don't wish to be lemmings, we need to follow Eleanor Roosevelt's advice. In fact this one thing will probably scare me for quite a few days!

(PS: Have you seen "Ratatouille"? I love it.)