Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Santa,

I've been especially good this year. Please bring me beer.


The Christmas season is in full swing. The tree is up and the house getting decorated (thanks sweetie!), and I've been to a mall! And believe it or not, I bought a gift for my mother-in-law. Along the way I made a few "Odd-servations."

- The people who work in the booths scattered around the mall seldom speak English well.
- Apple is perpetuating the stereotype of the Nerd. I walked into the Apple store and it was PACKED with kids fresh out of their mother's basements, and unfortunately not fresh out of the shower. The stink of B.O. was overwhelming. Oh yes, and they were all employees. I think the ratio was 3 employees to every customer. Note to Steve Jobs: I know you like the no shoes look, but how about a Personal Hygiene Code?
- A middle aged woman passing out and hitting the deck in the middle of the mall is a non-event. Shoppers took little notice, and the paramedics also took their time.
- Truffles are damn expensive. I could buy 4 Hershey bars for one of those Dark Chocolate and Eggnog cream beauties (they were really good!).
- We are still in the thralls of the Paris Hilton sub-culture. e.g. Two teenage girls walking into Tiffany and saying, "You know you like can't go in here and not like buy something." Glad I'm not her Dad!
- And finally, spray ladies will back off...for cash.