Sunday, November 04, 2007

Week 42 and random notes

This last week was identical to the previous week; 3 runs totaling 23.55 miles. I still have the marathon in my legs and body, so anything more than a light jog feels like work. While it has it's critics, I'm starting to be a believer in the "Central Governor Theory" of fatigue. In simple terms it states that the reduced performance you see in your muscles which we see as fatigue begins in the central nervous system and is part of the bodies survival instinct. In essence your brain reduces the intensity of the muscle fibers firing to prevent long term damage to the muscles. This occurs before the muscles themselves break down. Likewise the lingering fatigue is your CNS saying, "sorry buddy, you're not ready to go yet." That's the stage I'm at right now. If I push really hard, I can go fast. In general my limbs feel okay (except today), but that big gear just isn't there yet. Nonetheless I am coming around. The 5k tempo section was 19:56 this week, and I did manage to go under 1:10 (1:09:11) for the 10.8 mile run. However, I don't think I'm ready to race 10 miles this next Saturday. Instead I'll try and be ready for the 5 miler in Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving.

In other news, it's been difficult finding time to do these updates. Two kids do keep you busy. Time is flying though (along with what is left of my sanity!). December 1 I get back on the bike to begin the long build up to Ironman. I'm no longer focused on a Kona slot. Frankly there is a great deal of luck involved with that. Instead I'm focusing on those things that I can control. If I can break 3:30 for the marathon and hold the other splits steady (or maybe even improve on the bike?) it will have been a very successful day. I'm up in the air on whether or not to run Boston precisely because it takes so long to really snap back from the effort.

Dylan and Alexandra are fast becoming the classic siblings: fights, squabbles, taking toys, etc... Dylan does almost as much instigating as Alexandra. Mommy and Daddy are going crazy! However, beneath all that they do seem to really like each other.

Oh, and I'm on T.V.! There's about a 3-5 second clip during a Nova episode on PBS (Marathon Challenge) where they show my finish at Boston in 2006. The narrator is talking about how the human being is designed for endurance. We can be out run by squirrels, but can pursue animals all day long until finally overtaking them once they are 1/2 dead from exhaustion. It's actually a really good episode for a number of reasons, clip of me aside.

I've also noticed that I've put down some decent mileage totals. I stood at 523 miles at the beginning for September. Last year was at 597. Now I'm over 800. Last year I only made it to 700 by the beginning of November. Yes last year was really low (I was riding and really burnt out on training prior to Clearwater). This year was pretty good though. ~30 mile per week average.

And how could I forget, we survived our first Nor' Easter of the year. The remnants of hurricane Noel came through yesterday. Big wind. Really big wind. Thankfully we didn't get too much rain. As it was the water was getting pushed through the sliding glass doors. The only damage on our property seems to be the canvas top to the playset. Somehow the turtle sandbox made it through unscathed! However, there are trees and branches down all over town. The sounds of chainsaws and chippers fill the air today.

Okay, gotta go. Alexandra is being "challenging" again...

3 runs week 42 (5/7.75/10.8) - 23.55

Runs: 113
Mileage: 23.55
YTD Mileage: 807.75