Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come home with your shield or upon it.

Breakers Marathon, Newport RI. It's raining cats and dogs now, but the radar looks promising for the 8:00am start. Frankly I don't mind if the rain continues. I've got a lot of experience racing in rain.

I'll admit to being nervous. I'm trying to go fast today...and that makes me nervous. The strategy is to pace for a PR, meaning going out in 1:28 or 1:29...and that makes me nervous. Going out in 1:28 still does not guarantee my top goal so I will have to crush the last 7.5k or so (after the one long climb of the day). If I'm off form today, it will be a long painful slog. If I'm on form today, it just won't be a slog, but it's going to hurt.

Fortunately I know every inch of this course and I will be seeing Leanna and Alexandra once or twice. Given that this is a small local race without a ton of on course support (aid stations are 3 miles apart), I'm carrying my own go-fast juice from Infinit. Leanna will given me a reload at mile 15. I just have to keep from being stupid and I'll be fine. My 18 milers have been encouraging, and I think my legs are pretty good right now. Not too tired, but not stale. I'm curious to see if my pre-race workout routine proves successful.

So here are the 3 goals:
1) Challenge 2:55
2) Break 2:58:11
3) Break 3 hours

As you can see the plan is to be aggressive. There's no "just finishing" here.