Saturday, October 20, 2007

I came home on it! (updated)

I managed goal 3, break 3hrs. In retrospect that's all I should have tried to do. 7 weeks ago I had no running form. It's a tall order to get into your best marathon shape in just 6 weeks of real prep.

First it was really humid today, not my best conditions. Then I went out hard, too hard. I stayed fast for a while, hitting the 1/2 around 1:28. I know I had a few good long runs, and not surprisingly I was good today...right to 18 miles which is the length of my long runs. Unfortunately the marathon has another 8.2 miles on it. Though starting to struggle I held it together for another couple of miles. However the biggest hill on the course (which doesn't really seem that big during mile 9 of a training run, but seemed huge at mile 21) took me apart. I never really go it going after again. I only dipped below 7 minutes per mile once after mile 21, and that was a 6:58. Despite losing all supporting muscle control (head falling back being the most notable problem), I managed to string together 7:00-7:05 miles to limit the damage. A 7:30 25th mile seemed to go forever (it had a sharp hill by St. George's school), and then it was downhill to the finish. 8:30 after the painful climb, head rolling to the back and side, I was finally done. 2:59:47, good for 3rd in men aged 40-49, actually 4th if you include the guy in the open division who finished 3rd overall. He was 47 or 48. The race director, however, put him the open division results, which I'm sure he wanted because there was money at stake.

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