Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No 1/2 Ironman for me; Alexandra goes to school

Turns out the 1/2 Iron is this weekend. I hate that bike course anyway (**update: Someone died out on it yesterday when hit by an SUV**). Even if it were next week I'm still coughing up my lungs from the bronchitis. Mornings are the worst. It takes about 1/2 hr to clear everything from my head and chest. After that I'm pretty much set for the day.

Alexandra started preschool yesterday. By all accounts she really liked it. It helped a lot that her best friend Mia was going as well. I guess she got a little upset mid-morning, but then rallied and was better. She was very well behaved during tubby last night. Apparently Mommy had a little "talk" with her about the previous night's fiasco. This morning she was asking to go to preschool. Maybe we will sign her up for a 3rd day.

I've been really struggling with all the changes going on. The sickness might just be a manifestation of all that; induced by stress. I can't believe Alexandra is going to school already. She's put on a growth spurt and is noticeably taller than in July. Time is flying by.