Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family update

Boys are just wired differently. There isn't a toy around he doesn't want to throw. Pop-up books are made for destroying. Toilets....Oh baby....that's a good time! Alexandra never did these things!

Dylan is settling in nicely. He's suffering through a cold right now, which means Mommy is suffering through his cold right now. When he doesn't feel well he wants very little to do with Daddy. Alexandra is adjusting as well. She still yells when he gets attention or plays with her toys, but the tone is different. It's more of a sibling "get away from my sh-t" yell. Not the panicked meltdown which resulted in hyperventilating.

Also, in the last 4 weeks we've all been sick, Leanna has gone to the ER (It was a big scene because I was at work so an ambulance had to take her.), and Alexandra was taken to the doctor twice because of an asthma attack. Everyone is fine now, though the people at CVS know me by name. I've purchased so many corticosteroids steroids lately I'm sure to be the subject of a federal investigation.

In the midst of all this I've been training for a marathon. Actually this week went amazingly well. I tried something I have not done in decades; running 6 days in one week. No I won't do this every week, but because I'm in a crash course of training to be race ready in 5 weeks, I'm doing a little more volume than usual. Today was my "rest" day (I had the kids for much of the day. Tomorrow I'm running the 18 mile loop again. I'm really eager to see how I run.