Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 31

Two runs and three rides were what I was able to muster. A total of 4 hours on the bike and 15.8 miles running. These are far from impressive numbers for triathletes, especially Ironman triathletes, who regularly put in 10-20 hours a week training. However, the longest ride and longest run where put in back to back resulting in a fairly promising result. I had nothing in the tank when I woke up. Saying I was flat was an understatement. Even so I managed my 215 watt average ride and then ran my 10.8 miles in a time that was easily as fast as week 29. The most encouraging part of the workout was my run where I found myself, despite not being very energetic, running very loose and easy. When that sort of rhythm comes I can usually run a long way at a decent pace. I covered the distance in 1:13:43, which while not close to my fastest time on the loop, is one of the faster times I've run after riding the equivalent of 25-30 miles.

We leave again Wednesday for Moscow. I'll likely get in one or two more rides and one run before then. I actually feel pretty good today, so maybe I'll try for a short run or ride today. Tomorrow morning and lunch a definite, and Wednesday morning is uncertain. I do these morning rides at 5:30am, and can only handle so many in a row. However, being exhausted before getting on the plane might not be a bad thing. It'll give me a fighting chance to fall asleep. Once in Moscow there will be no working out. I expect I'll post again before we leave, but if not, the next time I write I'll be a father of 2.

Runs: 77
Mileage: 15.8
YTD Mileage: 505.60