Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's the day!

Okay for most of you tomorrow is the day, but nonetheless we are getting Dylan! The day will consist of picking up and refiling papers in offices all over Moscow. Once that is done it is off to the baby home for the last time. We'll have a little "party" with the care givers (think office party at work, where people just come down and eat the free food), and then it is back to the apartment. We'll be here for one more week getting his papers (passport, visa, etc...) ready and we're home.

Alexandra had a really hard time with us leaving this time. It was really tough. My father-in-law had to pull over twice because she was escaping from her cars seat straps (she's freakishly flexible). We've since talked with her on the phone and she's doing a bit better. The trip can't end soon enough for me. I'm really ready to move on with life.

I'm done with Lufthansa for quite a while too. We've flown to Russia 5 times now, and while it is probably me, the food gets worse every time. Are you having the "Cheeken or the Pahstah?" "PahncAke or owemlet?" (say it with a german accent)

My employer turned out to be pretty cool with the time off (I work at Brown University in Providence). I won't have to take any unpaid days. Instead I can use sick as well as vacation days to cover the time. Not too bad. Now if only I can work on helping them eliminate some of the bureaucracy...