Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ready to head home

I'm ready. Actually I've been ready for a while. On Monday was the "great tease." We were given the false hope that we might be able to have our US Embassy appointment on Wednesday, meaning a Friday departure would be possible. Needless to say we were excited. Well that rumor was crushed the following day. No Saturday is travel day. That means two more days here and then the long trip across the globe.

Today is the Embassy visit to pickup Dylan's entry visa to the US and his "sealed packet". We are to carry this packet, unopened, to the US where an immigration officer will open it and make Dylan a citizen.

Tomorrow is a "Dad's only" trip to another "Registry." God only knows what I'm registering for this time.

We did see one more site yesterday, Christ the Savior Cathedral. It has quite an amazing history, including completely razed and the foundation used as a swimming pool. Our interpreter described swimming there as a little girl.

Here's a picture from the visit.