Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 27 & race report

Only two runs this week; 5 & 6.5. The heat is taking it's toll. After my break out day last Sunday I was a little concerned about not being quite as good yesterday. I was okay, but not out standing. The humidity really did me in during the last two miles of the run. As a result my run ended up being about 45 seconds to a minute slower than last year. My bike was almost identical, and my swim was quite different. They changed the swim course this year. I guess because everyone complained (not me) about it being a little short, they made it a 2 loop course which was definitely a bit long. I might not be the fast swimmer, but I don't take 31 minutes to swim a mile. Still, I needed to be in better (any?) swim shape to perform better. I was a respectable swim away from finishing in the top 10 again (I did so in 2004). Still, it was a very good field, a tough day, and 15th overall is not that bad. Had I raced age group again, I would have been 2nd...again.

On a funny note, when I got home Alexandra saw my body markings from the race and so wanted her own. I used a water color marker and did her up! She also like drinking from my water bottles. I can't wait to get her to some races!

Runs: 68
Mileage: 11.5
YTD Mileage: 459.90