Saturday, July 14, 2007

Racing again...

I am excited, at least I think so. No, I am. I've been nursing a little knee discomfort this week, and that has me somewhat distracted. Pain would be overstating. There's definitely a little inflammation in the region of the patellar tendon because I have a slight sensation of numbness just below and to the inside of my kneecap. Most likely it's a minor case of bursitis. I really do need to get some new racing shoes. I wore my now, well loved pair for my training session last Sunday, and because I knew I was on a very good day, and knew they've been rare lately, I kept going even when the discomfort started. Even now it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't bother me on the bike. I'm simply aware of it.

Hey I've got a break coming up and then time to get serious about a goal, so I'm not overly concerned about long term issues. It does mean I doubt I will be training for a 50 mile run anytime soon, but who knows. Hey, I haven't ruled out trying to qualify for Kona next year either.

Oh yeah, the race. I'm competing in the elite wave for the first time in a few years, so my goals are:
1) Don't embarrass myself
2) Match or beat last year's time. (2:05:42)
3) Match or beat 2004's time. (2:03:37)

I'm not sweating the places. If I can hit my split times, the placing will take care of itself.