Saturday, July 28, 2007

Being Daddy

Alexandra's at a tough age (I know they all are tough...). She's very needy for Mommy. Daddy usually won't cut it. Unfortunately for her, Daddy is sometimes all she's going to get because we have to get her used to the fact that she has a little brother coming. Well, not unfortunately for me, however. With this increased Daddy time she is learning to work with me and I with her. She'll go on the potty for me (1 & 2), she'll let me do most anything with her now, including calm her down when she has a meltdown over Mommy going to the store, like last night. Early on in our adjustment process she would get so upset when I tried to console her that she'd take a swing at Daddy. Now we have made progress. Last night I had her come with me to her chalk board and I drew a picture of the store, Leanna (aka Mommy), Leanna's car, and our house with Alexandra taking a tubby. I showed how Mommy was driving to the store, buying some things for Grandma and Grandpa's visit, and coming back home to "Alexandra's house." It worked. I don't know how, but it worked. All I can guess is that she finally understood Mommy is going to come right back. So, do you think this will work with our trip to Moscow?

As for Alexandra preparing to be a big sister, while I really doubt she understands the full impact of Dylan on her life, she does know Dylan is coming and she is going to be a big sister. She knows the room off of our bedroom will be Dylan's room. I really don't think she knows that she's going to be getting even more Daddy time in the short run. Maybe another picture?!

Oh yeah, and she keeps asking about or referencing Otis. I'm pretty sure she knows he's not coming back, but that doesn't keep him out of our conversations.

Eating Ice Cream with Grandpa and Daddy. She's such a little person now!