Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 24: 3 races, 3 podiums...

...and yet the top step eludes me. Only 40 seconds behind the winner of my age group, but still behind. However I felt like crap all week leading up to it, and even felt weak the day of the race. It was my first triathlon of the year, and I have only been in the water a few times since May. I also had no open water swims yet this year, and I elected to wear my new sleeveless wetsuit which I had not even tried on yet. It might seem like a pretty big risk, but I was not really tense about this race. I went in with lowered expectations and elected to try harder if things were going well 1/2 way through the race. The race itself was 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike (one big climb), and a 3 (more like 2.8) mile run. My final time was 1:04:05. (10:45/35:31/17:45). The bike and run times also include the time spent in transition before the leg was started. That is significant because I ran a 16:45 for the 2.8 miles. Even better, the course was an out and back and I ran 8:39 out, and 8:06 back. The run back marked the first time all year I've finally gotten it going during the run, and now I think I know why. As I've focused more on distance running and longer events (and with me getting older), it takes 2 miles before I begin to find my stride running. In the previous events the second run was only 2 miles long, so I never found my stride. This bodes well for my next race which is an Olympic Distance race which features a 6.2 (arguably more like 6.5) mile run. If I can get the kind of mojo going that I had during the last mile on Sunday, I will run down a few people. Of course I might also be back in Moscow with someone trying to run me down!

All things considered I managed a decent swim for me (10:45 for 1/2 mile and 1.5 minutes back of the leader). That's about 400 yards on land, a gap I might have mostly made up during the transition.

In the final tally I was 14th overall, 2nd in my age group (M40-44 for those keeping track). And hey, I was still able to bring a medal home for Alexandra and more nutritional product for myself. Hey that might not seem that great, but a tub of the good sports drink runs $20, so I'll gladly accept it as a prize. And to see Alexandra jump up and down for another gold medal (okay silver, but she doesn't know the difference yet!) is worth every bit of pain.

Only two runs this week (I said I felt like crap). 3.5 miles on Friday and 2.8 miles Sunday. Also one swim and one bike during the week. Obviously one additional swim and bike as well on Sunday.

Runs: 60
Mileage: 6.3
YTD Mileage: 416.30