Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 23

Two runs: 7.5 miles at lunch and the 13 feels like 14 miler in Connecticut Sunday. Let's call it a 21 mile week. The lunch run was notable because I was just trying to tire myself out after having to put Otis down. I partially succeeded, but not entirely. The run yesterday was a test of my form. I had my best time on the loop going at up to the 10 mile point, and then I sort of slowed down. I was insufficiently rested and it was hot. Probably my hottest long run of the year, and I wasn't able to keep a strong pace the last 3 miles. It was okay, but in April I really kicked well during that final stretch. None of that happening Sunday. The final time was a 1:34:30 which is about a minute slower than April. At 10 miles I was a minute and a half up, so I lost 2 1/2 minutes in 3 miles.

Runs: 58
Mileage: 20.5
YTD Mileage: 410.00