Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 22

Okay, the workout week is not over yet, but I'm not running again. We returned from Moscow Friday, and Saturday it was back to work. I had been couped up in our little Russian apartment or in a car for a whole week and was just dying to be out on the street running. I elected to repeat the 12 mile run I had done just before we left.
The weather was in the mid 50's and very humid. I tried to run somewhat conservatively for the most part, but opened it up during the last couple of miles. The first miles were a little strained as my lungs tried to open up after a week of second hand smoking. Also the knees were a little slow loosening up after the flights. Nonetheless it felt really good to be out. If I was more rested and had more energy I would have just kept going.
My final time of 1:14:31, which was about 2 minutes faster than the last time, is possibly my fastest effort on that loop. I have to be happy with that.

Runs: 56
Mileage: 12
YTD Mileage: 389.50