Thursday, June 07, 2007

Life in the slow lane...

If there is a lasting memory I will take away from Moscow, it's not an image of the Kremlin, it's the traffic. We sat in the car for about 6 hours today. It's just a giant gasoline and diesel powered queue. It's the story of the trip. Hurry up to get somewhere and then wait.

Today was the last of the official duties for this first trip (of 3) for the adoption. We filed our papers with the court. Today was only the second day the new court house was open, so it was not terribly efficient. Well, you've got to start somewhere. Most of the clocks had not yet been set, and there were workmen still moving things in and putting things together. That said it looks like it will be a nice facility once it is fully operational. The actual filing took about 35 seconds. We really just signed a book indicating that we had taken care of all of the prerequisites. However, after the signing was done (following a 35-45 minute wait), we had to wait for our interpreter because she was the only one present who was authorized to escort the two families who were having their adoption hearings to court. Below is a picture and my new friend Bill (he and his wife are also on their first trip) playing a little "travel Scrabble" to kill time.

We finally got to the baby home to see Dylan at 4:00pm. This after leaving the apartment at 9:15am. As indicated above, the lions share of the time was spent sitting in traffic.

Tomorrow is the flight home. Next update will be made in the States.


PS: Hello to the "lurkers" out there. You know who you are Emily! I'll leave a comment on your blog when I get back.