Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 15

The weather is starting to cause some issues. Only two runs this week, and no road rides, though I did manage a about 4 hours on the trainer. I ran Wednesday on the track at Hope High School: 3x800m (2:44, 2:44, 2:43). I went out again Friday for 6.25 miles easy.

My weight is hanging around 167.5 - 168 lbs (76kg). It's only an issue in how it plays into the metric watts/kg. While my power is improving, I'm not going to be climbing anything too big with a ratio of 3.56:1. Pros routinely run 5:1, and even fit age groupers are 4:1 or better, so I've still got some work. I think I'll set a goal for summer sometime (July?) of trying to hit 4:1.

Sunday is a sort of "referendum" on whether or not it is feasible to race at a fairly high level without spending too much time on the road riding. I have quite a few hours in my legs, but only one of those on the road. If I can ride the course (weather permitting) under 30 minutes, it is a very good thing for Daddy/triathletes everywhere.

Runs: 42
Mileage: 6.25/6.25
YTD Mileage: 285.60