Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week 14

3 rides and 4 runs: All of the rides occurred on the same day as the runs with the final, today, being the "mock-race" that I used to test myself starting June of last year (19.75 mile ride w/4.1 mile run. This was also the first day this year that I've actually ridden outdoors, so my expectations were fairly low. I would learn how well my trainer workouts on the new trainer translate to road riding.

My total time for the mock-race was 1:25:57, or 2:16 slower than last June. All of that deficit was from the bike. My run speed coming off the bike now, is as good as it was in June of last year, and that's quite a positive.

All things considered I'll take that bike time. I was riding my heavy training wheels, it was 30 degrees at start time, and it was windy as hell. My legs felt quite resilient, if not overly powerful. The biggest thing I need to add to my bike training is some slow cadence/big gear work; precisely the type of work which prepares you for riding in the wind. I'd like to get three more road rides in before my first race, but it might only be two. Despite that, I think I'll be okay. If it's less windy next Sunday, I'm going to try the mock-race again to see how big a factor that proved to be.

As for the rest of the week, the runs were good, though I tweaked my ankle on Thursday. The Tuesday ride was tough. My ability to handle the "double sessions" is improving noticeably. The weight is beginning to tick back down as well.

Runs: 40
Mileage: 6/6.25/5/4.1
YTD Mileage: 273.10