Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week 12

Three runs this again this week. That indeed was the plan. However, the plan also called for the third run to be a 10K race tomorrow morning. However, the threat of overnight snow combined with the fact that it is sunny calm and 50 right now, prompted me to change the plan. I chose to run today, despite having run yesterday, and instead of a 10K race it was my 10.8 mile run. I've wanted to begin lengthening my runs again, and today was the perfect day to do so. I'll admit being a little apprehensive about how it would go. The last time I did this run was week 7 and it was a 1:10. I ran with my HRM then. Today I ran by perceived effort and once again ran for a decent time. It wasn't a max effort, but I was trying for a fast run. To my surprise I ran a very strong 2nd half of the run today. I think my 1/2 way split was almost identical to week 7, but I finished in 1:08:42. I did feel like I had some real kick going. After weeks of not seeing any real gains (and indeed not even running long), it's nice to see things start to fall into place. I'll be nice and relaxed as I take my new bike trainer for it's maiden voyage tomorrow.

Oh yes, my new trainer...I almost forgot to tell you. For my birthday I got a new bike trainer, a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid trainer. It's warrantied forever and is generally acknowledged as the trainer with the ride most like being on the road. The resistance unit is precisely calibrated for the same power curve you'd experience riding a 1% grade, so I can train by power simply by knowing how fast I am going. As cycling coaches say, a watt is a watt is a watt, so if you can ride 300 watts for 30 minutes on the trainer, you'll be able to do that outside also, no matter what the terrain.

**Update: Okay, I took the Road Machine for it's maiden voyage (30 minutes w/4 intervals 2min on 1min off @ ~275 watts on). It is a sweet device...sweet and cruel. It suckers you in by being really easy at slow speeds, and then kicks your ass as soon as you try and go hard! Granted I'm a little tired right now, but it looks like currently my avg. sustained power for 30 minutes would be in the realm of 230-240 watts (as measured by the power vs. speed chart supplied with my trainer). As I start to focus on this training a little more we'll see how I improve. I race for real (a duathlon) in four weeks time. I'd like to be able to sustain 280 watts by then (could be wishful thinking) with an ability to hold 400 watts for 45 seconds to a minute (would mimic the one steep climb on the race course). Alexandra has been kind enough to nap today, so I'm thinking of loading up a water bottle and "spinning" for another 30 minutes. This trainer is much easier and more comfortable than my old one for riding easy. **

Runs: 32
Mileage: 6/5/10.8
YTD Mileage: 221.75