Thursday, March 08, 2007

Recovering from Vacation

Just catching up a little. We were in Vermont Friday through Monday this past weekend. It was a great trip except for the car accident on the way up Friday. No not me. Our friend Kristine. Nobody was hurt and everything looks to be working out. The kid who caused the accident 'fessed up (there were witnesses, so he had no choice). Oh yeah, and the 4 wheel drive on my old Rodeo died. We've decided, however, to get the old boy fixed up.

I'd say Alexandra's little friend Ben was the center of attention most of the weekend. That boy was just buck naked every time you turned around. While it would have been one of the best ski weekends you could imagine, I spent most of my time sled riding or in the swimming pool. Alexandra's loving the pool. Swim lessons again on Saturday!

Now it's back to the "real world" and more vet bills. Seems my truck wasn't the only old dog needing work. Yes we're getting Otis fixed up as well. Just some prescription meds, and he's a happy boy!