Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week 7

I've been browsing last year's posts again, particularly those pertaining to training. On Feb. 18, 2006 I had amassed 131 miles on 16 runs. This year I've got different goals and have been working on different aspects of my running, so this year I have 134.25 miles on 18 runs. Hmm, not too different. I also see that at this point last year I was bemoaning the fact that I was only getting 2 runs a week average. Same this year. Only two runs again this week (4.25 on the indoor track at Brown and 10.8 miles today). Finally, on February 18, 2006 I ran my 10.8 mile loop as a time trial and finished around 1:08. Today I did the same loop and yes I ran it for time. However, I took a different approach. I didn't run a max. effort. I took the "restricter plate" approach; my best time while keeping my HR in the low 140s (~80-82.5% of max). I ran a ~1:10 and still had plenty of gas in the tank. Had I run a max effort I would have been close to the same time as last year, maybe even better.

Here's what I think these similarities are saying. While I am doing different things, especially during the mid-week runs, the frequency and total mileage numbers are saying (I think) that I'm pretty much doing all that my mind/body/schedule will allow. I have worked in a few trainer rides this year, but am not swimming, so that's a wash. While I'd like to have more time to do more and become faster, it is somewhat reassuring to know that I'm doing everything that is reasonably possible. Sure I may be beaten by people who did more, but being a good provider and Daddy comes with benefits more important than that elusive final win.

The final win, I almost forgot to mention it. That's my goal this year: an age group win. Maybe it won't be my last, but I haven't scored one since 2002 when I had two of them. Because of the age grading nature of triathlon, if I get one it might not be my last, but I want to approach the goal that way. Unlike previous years, I plan to really enjoy my wins (okay I enjoyed them in 2002 also). I am getting older and the preparation is a bit more difficult. Everything is now about quality workouts and avoiding ANYTHING that might cause a step backwards. When you are younger you can afford some garbage time. Your body heals more quickly. By middle age every step has to count if you are to stay competitive with the young'uns.

**Factoid: I think my max HR might now be below 180 bpm. During my final last 1/2 mile today, typically something run at 95% of max HR, I only hit ~168 bpm instead of the 172 I always used to hit. It's just one day so who knows, but I'm going to keep an eye on it. It doesn't mean anything good or bad really, it's just something that is. Oh, and I also did a 1'12" 400 on the indoor track. Nothing special except that the second 200 was 30" flat, the best I've run in years.**

Runs: 18
Mileage: 4.25/10.8
YTD Mileage: 134.25

Walks: 4
YTD Mileage: 11