Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week 2

Three run this week. It's the schedule I hope to maintain: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (with 30 min. on the bike trainer Saturday). Felt pretty good this week. Today's run was 5 minutes faster than last week (same course). I wasn't killing myself, but I was trying, so it was a good time. I put also put in one hard 400M interval during last Tuesday's run at the Hope High School track (1:19), and Thursday did 3 hill repeats up Angell St. in Providence (~ .25 miles at 12% grade), before continuing on my run.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. The challenge may prove to be not reaching a peak too quickly. I'll probably put in a mellow week for week 4.

**Update: Reviewing my posts from last year, I found one from January 21st which recounted my running of this same loop. Like today it was timed. That day I nearly matched my previous best for this time of year, 1:12:38 (my best was 1:12:18). I also weighed in at 167 pounds pre-run. Today I was 166 pounds and ran a 1:10:39. That's a new January PR.**

The numbers:

Runs: 5
Mileage: 6/6/10.8
YTD Mileage: 40.6

Walks: 2
YTD Mileage: 7